Study: iPhone Users Have More Sex

Forget Old Spice deodorant—the best way to get laid is to tote around an iPhone, especially if you happen to be female. And while iPhone users are screwing like rabbits, Blackberry and Android users appear to be relatively chaste.

The bragging rights for iPhone users come courtesy of dating website OkCupid, which crunched data on 9,785 users who took their profile pictures with smart phones to come up with the numbers. The top graph features data exclusively for 30 year-olds, while the second graph covers a wide variety of ages.

The result: iPhone users have more sex than Blackberry users, who in turn get it on more than Android owners. Female iPhone users are the big winners, with an average of 12.3 sexual partners. Compare that to 10 sexual partners for male iPhone owners, and a mere 6 partners for Android owners of both genders. As OkCupid says, it's "statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting fucked by Apple."(Perhaps they meant to say AT&T?)

No smart phone? No problem. OkCupid's study also reveals that more complex cameras take more attractive pictures. Panasonic's Micro camera takes ultra-sexy snaps, but steer clear of Nikon's Coolpix unless you want to be ignored by your fellow OkCupid users. And don't even think of snapping yourself on a Motorola phone.

The bottom line: the more you shell out on your gadgets, the more bounteous your rewards.

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  • jiwhite

    I can't believe that Fast Company actually reported on this "study". The participants self selected from a particular dating site. This is why I hate statistics in the news.

  • David Siegel

    This is study is just for good ol' fashion fun. And, as an Iphone owner I'm all smiles

  • Michael

    this study doesn't make any sense, to make a comparison there would have to be an even distribution of all 3 phones (types), all this says is people with more money, (iPhone + plan vs. others) have more money for dating site subscription while the rest of us are picking up people in real life for free, try that on for size OkStupid.

  • Paul Van

    OkCupid is a free service.

    I love OkCupid's humorous blog, but I'm sure the conclusions are flawed because there are so many other variables that are not accounted for. Smart folks must know that mobile phone cameras are crap, and therefore avoid using those photos for their dating profiles. This leaves the morons, and I don't trust that data set.

  • dario bugatti

    Ok... I have a BB, not an iphone... Maybe I don't have better sex than the iphone users, but I may have better sex!!! :-)

  • Sean

    Statistics can lend opportunities to paint all sorts of colorful pictures, even about situations that may not be directly related, although - at some distance - perhaps sharing a common root (or just being hugely coincidental).

    I see the iPhone as it being, in a large part, a fad device. It's a utility and a fashion accessory - sort of like high heels, though (from what I've heard) one might be inclined to really question the actual utility of those...

    No offense meant to the gents using iPhones, it was a convenient metaphor that seemed to fit with the photo, above.

  • Julia Heu

    High heels are not just a fashion accessory. They actually serve a real purpose, whether or not the person wearing them know it. Since wearing heels require more energy, better balance, etc. it signals potential mates you have these "extra" qualities. Heels also extend your legs and studies have shown people who have a 5% increase in leg-length are found more attractive. Real utility. However, iPhones not so much.

    But I do agree, iPhones are the current Razors. There will always be fad devices.

  • tanya bass

    I think high heels do the exact opposite. Since they take more energy and kill the feet, less energy is left to be active, outgoing, etc. All we want to do is take a seat or take the heels off, after wearing them for more than an hour. It makes us passive instead of active.

    Also, multiple studies show wearing high heels create horrible back pains in the future. 50% of weight should be at our heel and 50% at the toes; with heels, 90% of weight is at the toes.

    The fact that people are found to be 'more attractive' just goes to show how effective advertising is.