Photograph by Roger Davies

Staci Palmer Helps Farmers Operate Tractors Remotely

Director of strategic market development, low-power embedded processing, Intel
Chandler, Arizona

Palmer, 44, works with equipment manufacturers to develop applications using Intel's Atom processors to lend intelligence and Internet connectivity to tractors.

"Our Atom processor allows tractors to drive and steer themselves. The ability to manage those machines from an office is a major efficiency improvement for farmers. They're no longer limited by daylight hours. When harvesting vehicles are operated manually, it's up to the driver to decide how close a pass to make the second time around on a field. When the combine guides itself, it can significantly reduce the amount of overlap, saving time and fuel. Trials are expected to begin this year on a mobile device that can collect real-time harvesting data. Farmers have been applying science and analytic technology to their business for decades. This is just more advanced technology."

Photograph by Roger Davies

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