GM: Chevy Volt Will Cost $41,000

The Chevy Volt, GM's much-hyped extended-range electric vehicle, has been plagued by rumored production problems since it was first announced. But now, finally, it looks like the car is ready for release at a price of $41,000 ($33,500 after a $7,500 federal tax credit). GM is also offering a  lease program with monthly payments of $350, based on a 36-month term lease and $2,500 down. That also includes a lease-to-buy option.

It's not a bad deal for the vehicle, which can squeeze out 340 miles on a single tank of fuel and a fully-charged battery (the first 40 miles are powered by electric drive). GM also recently announced an eight year, 100,000 mile warranty for all 161 battery components—a longer warranty than any other electric vehicle manufacturer has promised thus far.

The Volt is still pricier than Nissan's upcoming all-electric Leaf, set to go on sale for $32,780 when it is released in November. But unlike the Volt, the Leaf doesn't contain a gasoline engine—it relies solely on electric vehicle charging stations. So in reality, the two vehicles may not even appeal to the same customers. Those who still want the comfort of a gas engine will opt for the Volt, while customers ready to take the plunge into all-electric cars will go for the Leaf. We'll know for sure which option is most appealing by this time next year.

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  • bigal70

    I have just a few qualms about this car and any other electric/hybrid or all electric cars meant for mass consumption. It is for mass consumption right? So, don't you think that the average "Joe" would be part of that equation? In the last few years haven't we seen how massive amounts of debt have ravaged this country to the point of almost mass hysteria "put on the brakes!! I don't want any more debt!" ? So, why is it then that all these cars that are supposed to "help the environment" by getting better mileage and using less carbon to lessen our "Carbon Footprint", give me a brake. How do you really know that you carbon footprint is less??? Sounds more like a "feel good" phrase to me developed by some advertising agency to help make everything smell fresher.. And you know what?! It doesn't!!

    So, to get back to the vehicle or vehicles in question.. Wouldn't it make WAY more sense to price these new cars so the average "Joe" can ACTUALLY AFFORD ONE!! Hmm? I mean, the technology is great and the incentive is great.. but Technically, here in VA, where I live, I just found out, by word of mouth (so don't hold me to this) that any car you pay over 20K for qualifies for the Luxury Tax.. so, that means, that almost any large car or new car you buy is going to be Taxed Higher! Damn, that don't sound like no good deal to me.. Another point of contention that I have about the price and then I will get off my high horse, as this is extremely rare for me to rant like this, is something called economics.. if you price it lower wouldn't you sell more and then thereby make more? Or am I missing something here?
    Seems to me, that almost every car is marked up between 50-100% more than it was manufactured at.. Yeah, I know this is a capitalist society and there are a lot of greedy companies out there and they are there to make a profit but Come On People! How much $$ do you really need?!

    Its become a perpetual cycle in almost everything.. the more it cost the more people have to go into debt to afford things.. LIKE GROCERIES.. Have you seen how the price of Groceries has gone up over the last year and a half? I know I'm not making any more.. Are you? because I want your JOB then.

    Okay, so it's new technology, SO WHAT! Its for the FUTURE! Not ours but your kids and grand kids future!! Isn't the overall goal here as a Country and a World, to reduce Global Warming as fast as we can? So, you have this great new technology to help people make the world a better more clean place, albeit against you will, why not try something novel for once and Make the New Affordable so we can all enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, cooler planet sooner? Sure the government is helping, but in case you haven't noticed they can only help so much until the economy tanks again.. Sooner or later the faucet is
    going to have to be shut off. And where do you think we will be then? Without your help as world class ethical companies to help make things more affordable to every level of society then its probably back to the same place we are today or yesterday.

    If you haven't noticed the average "Joe" isn't making ends meet and if they are there isn't a whole lot of money to go around afterwords to buy a $41,000 car, that still gets bad mileage.

    Thanks for reading my rant, it was great having you listen.. Not sure if it makes much sense but it made me feel better, now back to my beer.

  • scott griffis

    This is a good start. It is much more likely that a middle-class person will pick up one of these than the Tesla which costs more than twice as much. Once we see more electric vehicles in the market it should drop the cost down. I wish we all had electric vehicles now (or ten years ago for that matter) but soon we may actually get a chance. If Honda follows through and releases their own then the race is on.