Rumor: Verizon Switching to Tiered Data Plans This Month

It was inevitable.

AT&T was the first to officially move away from unlimited smartphone data plans to a tiered system. That move aroused a ton of ire among techies: AT&T didn't just add tiered pricing, they eliminated the old unlimited plan. Of course, a lot of that is a gut reaction to the elimination of what we may come to see as the golden years of data pricing—the vast majority of customers (98%) will actually save money under the new plan.

That's not to say that having the unlimited option taken away isn't a bummer. For a select few customers, data bills will go way up. But that's just the way things are going: carriers need tiered plans so their networks aren't overloaded.

Verizon was actually the first to note that tiered data plans would be the future, but all chatter since has been unconfirmed. Now, Engadget hears from a reliable source that Verizon intends to hop on the tiered bandwagon by the end of this month—just a week and a half away. It's logical to expect the pricing to be somewhere close to AT&T's, if not identical (200MB for $15, 2GB for $25), although Verizon's superior network might allow a third unlimited option for data-crazy users. It's still not confirmed by Verizon, but it's not unlikely that the company would make an announcement soon.

We'll keep you updated if and when Verizon announces the change.

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  • Mark Norman

    Verizon has done nothing but raise prices on consumers in a down economy. It's likely heavy-data users will pay more than they currently do. The smartphone and app experience just isn't the same if you have to think about data usage.

    Sprint should use this as an opportunity to promote their unlimited data packages. With the EVO 4G they are in a good position to regain some ground.