Annie Leonard Releases "The Story of Cosmetics"

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If you've seen filmmaker Annie Leonard's short videos—The Story of Stuff, The Story of Cap and Trade, and The Story of Bottled Wateryou know that she has a knack for explaining environmental issues in a simple and entertaining manner. Leonard doesn't disappoint with her latest, The Story of Cosmetics. Produced as part of a partnership with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the 8-minute film explores the world of toxic beauty products—and demands that we take action. Check it out below.

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  • Brittany Vasseur

    I've known this for years! The only skin care line I have found that is 100% natural and fresh with no toxic ingredients or preservatives is Vasseur Skincare -it is fantastic. I get all of my hair care and other beauty products from Whole Foods. Thanks to Annie for producing this video!

  • Chris Reich

    The video is excellent, tells a story, entertains. I like a little more fact around my scare tactic videos, however.

    After all, water itself is toxic if over consumed.

    I doubt companies wish to buy and include chemicals which add to product cost only because they are locked into a 50's mentality of better living through chemistry. [roughly quoted]

    When I see stories like this, I remind myself that we are living, by far, longer and better than ever. So we have to filter stories like this as with climate change stories. Separate the hysteria from fact and yes, there are chemicals we could do without to clean our hair.

    My problem is with the total lumping of an industry into the category of cancer causing, toxic spreading conspirators.

    There is too much screaming to make points which in turn causes unproductive schisms. Some will say "right on" and do nothing. Some will say "nonsense" and do nothing. Either way, nothing will get done. It's the middle, the sensible who really make change happen and lack of factual support for causes prevents that active, tax paying, voting center from signing on.

    Interesting to consider, no?

    Chris Reich

  • Brooke Farrell

    Another great message from Annie L. And a much needed one. So many of my friends have no clue what is in their scented lotions and potions.