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Viral Boarder Video From KnifeShow Anticipates AR Gaming

KnifeShow video

Although we're not quite sure what this video is for, FastCompany is going to use it as a way to augur the future—the 21st-century version of chicken entrails and all of that. It is, I think, a viral video from KnifeShow Inc., who mainly film rad dudes who do rad things with boards.

The film footage for Gnarcade was finished about a year ago, but the guys have spent so long doing the special effects on the three-minute film that it was only released two days ago. And this, we reckon, is what we're going to be tripping to in five years, courtesy of a great pair of AR goggles—and a super-computer in your pocket. We're talking iPhone 10 or thereabouts.

Around half of the effects on the vid are probably doable on AR now—popping up out of a worm hole won't be quite so easy to manage, perhaps. But this is the kind of thing that gaming firms—and old media monsters—must be looking at and licking their chops.