Celebrate Your Freedom to Create a New Business

I sit here just about to start my July 4th weekend and I wanted to share a quick thought.

Many people are scared about the current economic situation and the uncertainty of the future.

Now try to go back to the days before we celebrated our first July 4th and think about how scared those people were.

Sure, it wasn't to create a new business, it was to create a new United States. Our ancestors were fighting for something, with their lives, that was completely unknown to them.

As businesspeople we have a different situation than our ancestors with different desires (such as making a lot of money, an exit strategy or just a decent living along with a pleasant way of life).

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the past to realize that your current challenges may not be so bad off. You just need to have the passion, determination and skill set to make it happen.

Enjoy your Freedom to tackle the business opportunities that are all around us.

Thanks to all the people who gave up their lives, or put them on the line to give us these very Freedoms.

Happy July 4th and best wishes for your endeavors.

Brian Javeline

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  • Linda Spevacek

    I had the same thought about births large and small (a nation, a blog) and chose last week to finally launching my own blog, which I have been reluctant to do for years and now I can tell is already quite addictive! Just for grins, you can read my first post here www.launchcoach.com/blog entitled "Top 10 Things I Learned from Betty White on SNL", which is really about being inspired by the unexpected. Write me a comment and let me know what you think!

    Linda Spevacek, America's "Launch Coach" (so named by a group of clients)
    Personal success: www.launchcoach.com/blog
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