Video Suggests BP Literally Covering Up Oil Damage on Louisiana Beaches

 There's no question that BP has lied extensively over the past few months about the growing Gulf oil disaster. The company has bullied journalists, fudged numbers, and even deployed fake journalists to the Gulf to write about how everything is fine. Now BP may be literally trying to cover up oiled beaches by dumping sand on top of them.

The video below, filmed by Judson Parker of Save Our Shores Florida, purportedly shows oil sandwiched between two layers of different types of sand. According to Parker, local deputies confirmed that BP dumped sand onto the Grand Isle, Louisiana beach and attempted to smooth it over. But Wayne Keller, the Executive Director of the Grand Isle Port Commission, doesn't know anything about it. "I'm not aware of that being done anywhere on Grand Isle," he tells I know we're trucking in sand to build berms to keep oil out of the estuary, but that's it."

A quick tip to BP: we see what you're doing. And if this just another attempt to make the oil disaster seem trivial, it won't work.

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  • Steven Howard

    It’s not the fact that BP had an accident that makes this brand and its leadership suspect; it’s the manner in which they have tried to pass off blame and responsibility that bothers most.

    Add to the above the 700,000 “friends” who have signed on to one of the three Boycott BP pages on Facebook, and you have a brand that is approaching free fall.

    Sadly, the BP Board doesn’t seem to get this yet. By the time they do, it will be too late. (Another reason why Marketing needs to be brought into Corporate Boardrooms.)

    The tombstone for the BP brand is being readied, and the graveyard of Enron, WorldCom, HIH Insurance, and myriad others awaits.

    The tombstone will read:

    British Petroleum:
    Reborn as Beyond Petroleum
    Died as Brand Perfidious

    Steven Howard

  • the botnet

    looks to me like it's just the waterline. Think of that oily residue as something akin to the greasy ring around the tub if you manage to get a hippie to bathe.... It would make sense for oil to be at the waterline, since it's coming from... um, aah, THE WATER!