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Is Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg More Powerful Than the President?

Obama and <a href=Mark Zuckerberg" />

Who is more powerful: 400-million-user strong Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, or the leader of the free world?

That was the question posed to Soraya Darabi, #53 on our Most Creative People in Business list, who explained that their power, at least in terms of reach of voice, is not so different.

Darabi broke down the access to communication tools that Obama and Zuckerberg hold, comparing the old-age methods of the president (network TV, radio, newspapers, etc.) to Facebook's reach as a social network.

"What fascinates me about social networks is there ability to scale," Darabi told audience members at Fast Company's Most Creative People event recently. "Particularly one with more active users than constituents of the United States of America—we have to think about the power that the founders of these platforms have." Check out the whole video below.

Do you agree? Has Zuckerberg's platform become more powerful a communication tool than POTUS has?

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  • Benjamin

    What an absurd headline! Facebook was not new or novel, it just improved and cleaned up a social platform. Facebook is just as vulnerable as Myspace. One thing is for certain, social networks can not be monetized without exploiting their customers. Facebook can be just as annoying as junk mail at the and we know what happens to junk mail. The kids head is inflated enough, why send more hot air his way.

  • Scott Byorum

    Greg stole my line. But along the same note, I don't see Mark as having that much power at all. Can he mobilize that 400 million into action, into doing something constructive other than posting personal photos or populating their FB news-stream with what amounts to regurgitation and drivel (I know, it means something to them and their friends). The POTUS can mobilize millions to start and support wars. Why can't Mark mobilize millions more to end them? Or something else constructive along those lines?

  • marc davison

    I believe Obama is trustworthy. I aslo believe he has integrity. I believe the Presidency often places hard challenges on both attributes that Obama stuggles with daily. If left to his own devices I believe Obama has the power and desire to truly make the world a better place. I believe his position and the forces that surrounded him make it difficult for him to accomplish his ultimate goals. He is certainly more powerful in every way that matters most.

    I believe MZ to be untrustworthy. I believe he has zero integrity. I believe his position as the CEO of social network challenges both his inherent attributes that creates struggle for him on a daily basis. If left to his own devices, I believe he has the power to truly corrupt the world and make it a scarier place. I believe his position and the forces that surround him also make it difficult for him to accomplish his ultimate goals. I believe his is less powerful in every way that matters.

  • james

    I just ran across this comment...Wow how amazingly naive are you?

    Obama tell us he want to bring people together---but he is so partisan---that there has never been a more partisan president --ever! Back-door, underhanded deals to the maxx.
    He tells us he is a Christian---but he's more like an aethistic-muslim---if that's even possible.
    He tell us no new taxes for the middle classes---but there are so many ---its an all-time record
    He tells he's an American---but there is still no proof
    He tells us he is for the family---but promotes Homosexual radicals (3% of America---and forgets a bout the 97%...I could go on and on............................
    basically --He has NO INTEGRITY!!! Just says what the audience is dying to hear...
    Wow wake up!!!!

  • scott griffis

    Too bad Mark Zuckerberg seems to be kinda a jerk. I hope to some people at least they view the source, and the ability of the person to follow through, rather than just the size of the audience.


  • Robert Ezekiel

    This is funny and sad at the same time. More people know what happened on the Bachelor or on LOST than they know who their senator or representative is. Even better why they voted for the person they did. Do they agree with their judgement and opinions or just how well he speaks. its sad

  • Todd Bryant

    No! Facebook is mostly noise. What this or any other POTUS has to say matters.

  • Greg Hauenstein

    Until Mark Zuckerberg can order a nuclear strike, I'm gonna go with the President.