Why Bloggers May Be the Next Reality Stars

I am convinced that like the evolution of celebrity on television, the evolution of celebrity online is headed in the same direction.  The celebrities of broadcast television have for years been primarily culled from actors and paid news personalities.  Today, as I am sure you are aware, more and more celebrities come from reality television shows.  The Bravo Channel is one network that's based an entire business model on figuring out the personalities that audiences respond to and in the process have turned ordinary citizens into celebrities - with book deals and songs, to boot.

The online world is fast following this trend.  Ordinary citizens, that hit a chord with audiences, are scaling into celebrity of their own.  A great example is Ree Drummond.  She started out years ago blogging about her move from city girl to married country woman and developed a huge following.  Women, in particular, hooked into the fantasy that her story offered: cowboys, love and country-living.  As a result, she's been on Oprah, has published a cook book and Hollywood has even optioned her story for a movie (rumored to star Reese Whitherspoon).

While in the past celebrity was created for us, today, we're creating the celebrity.  Who do you think is the next online star?

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  • David Lavenda

    The challenge is of course, picking the wheat from the chaff. In a world of self-promoting pro-sumers, it is not always easy to find the quality content. More than one marketer has said that it is all about the "sizzle and not the steak." Looking at people who have made it in the online world, there have definitely been some successes, but not a small number of people, who in my humble opinion, should have wallowed in anonymity. In this sense,'wisdom of the crowds' usually finds the lowest common denominator and not the highest quality product. Then again, who am I, or anyone else, to judge. In the online world, there room for many different opinions....let the best man, or woman, win.

  • Esther Crawford

    I definitely agree. Although Ree may not go the way of reality tv, it's clear that bloggers are the new celebrities so it'll be interesting to wait and see who gets their own show first. Based on the HGTV deal, it seems Heather Armstrong is best poised to be part of a tv show, although she's specifically stated she doesn't have a reality tv show up her sleeve. Yet.