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Apple: iPhone 4 "Most Successful" Product Launch, Defying the Antenna Critics

iphone cashApple just revealed official figures for the first three days of iPhone 4 sales, totaling to a sweet 1.7 million units. It's not as fast a sales rate as some analysts predicted but still represents huge successes in the face of controversy over its design.

The press release is pretty simple—Apple announces "that it has sold over 1.7 million of its iPhone 4 through Saturday June 26, just three days after its launch on June 24." There's some waffle about the wonderful tech the phone sports and the all-important quote from Steve Jobs: "This is the most successful product launch in Apple's history," he notes. Though the figure is a huge chunk less than the figures some analysts predicted (1.5 million sold in day one) it's still faster than previous iPhones.

Yet what's missing in the press release is any mention of the controversy that appears to be building about the phone's technical design. Jobs does say sorry in the text, expressing his apologies to "those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply." There's no mention of the supposed antenna drop-out issues which may be being caused by the metallic edge of the iPhone 4, which acts as the phone's wireless connection to the world. This may well fuel the kind of media story that's popping up in places like TechEye, this one headlined "Steve Jobs, Apple show arrogance over iPhone 4 reception problems" and alleging that Apple's engaged in some low-down nasty PR cover-ups over the matter. Jobs, you see, has apparently contradicted himself in an email exchange with an Apple user, describing the antenna problems as a "non issue."

There are rumors swirling that an upgrade to iOS4 may hit the airwaves today, and go some way (if not all the way) to addressing the problems, and this may explain Apple's apparent "arrogance" on the matter. But whether the media criticizes Apple or not, it seems the smartphone-buying public hasn't been phased by the press fuss yet.

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  • NonAppleholic

    iPhone4 has exactly the same guts as Samsung Galaxy S. That includes it's rebranded Samsung Hummingbird A8 (to Apple A4) to it's 512mb Ram and 16gig memory. But iPhone lacks most of the more powerful features the hardware has available. Hardware that includes it's sixaxis gyro gaming controls, to using the same 5mp Back camera and VGA Front camera. Other guts and goodies also include the WiFi g/n w/ same 3G radio chips and most importantly the same SGX540 GPU. That is capable of 90million triangles per second and that's 3x what the 3GS GPU could render.

    So the stark naked TRUTH is..... iPhone4 is simply Apple's version of the Samsung Galaxy S stuffed into Apple's stupid idiotic call dropping external steel antenna case..... that you are forced to grip n drop calls. So stupid of an idea, that a monkey could have discovered the blithering idiocy of this design flaw. If you merely channeled some voltage through it, to shock him, for holding it wrong. But maybe that's a feature in Apple's future control scheme, to augment their Garden Walled Prison Network. Steve has become like "The Pied Piper of Hameln" leading his flock of iHitler Youth RATS into a sea of junk Apps, meant to glean your pockets of cash. King of the InFomercial Marketing scheme, just to get you to buy his highly dysfunctional lame brained product! ....oh it looks pretty while you look stupid for buying it and falling for his blatant InFormercial Scam Sales Tactics! haha... only to find out eventually (like the Emperor wearing no clothes) you got duped and blinded by Steve and his herd of Wall Street cronies selling the same thing at a higher price to make you feel oh so special, till the World realizes it's not so special afterall!!!

    So here we are Wall Street and media outlets, who've got cash on the betting line, fueling a asinine market feeding freenzy when you could have everything it's got and more that isn't offered with InFormercial Appeal. But..... wait! ...for just $30 more we'll sell a genuwine "I Bleed 6 Colors" Deluxe Rubber Bumper to fix the lame antenna design so we could get around Nokia and other's patents. Oh.... yeah it didn't work. Did it? ^_* ....but I hear Steve has written book, called "How to Hold Your iPhone4 for Dummies" to be sold in the iBooks Store only to those who buy an iPad to read on, because it's the only device Apple sells that will stay connected long enough to download it!!!