Get Your Submissions in for Our Father's Day Contest!

The deadline is 24 hours away—but already, we've been amazed at the quality of your entries.

Last week, we announced our Father's Day contest, a storytelling competition. We asked you to provide a song that always reminds you of your father, and why—with the best story, as selected by us, winning a pair of Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth.

Your responses have been nothing short of tremendous, and a pleasure to read—a mixture of comedy and memory and sentiment that we're honored to host on our site.

A number of people have touched on songs that revealed something about their fathers they would have never seen otherwise, like this entry from Amy Brearley:

After punching in my CSNY tape into the car radio in high school, my dad listened for a moment and said "this song always reminds me of being in Vietnam." I stopped whatever I was doing because, up to that point, I'd never heard him mention being in the war. "When that happened in Kent State, I wondered why I'd want to go home to a country that could do that. I remember listening to this song and thinking that, when my tour was up, asking your mother to meet me in Australia so I didn't have to go back."
He's a great dad, but that was the most open he'd ever been, and I still remember that feeling 20 years later.

There's been some stories tinged with inevitable regret, like this one from Jake Peters:

Ever since I could remember my father has tried to be "father of the year" because he grew up without a father. His father died when he was very young. But i was a kid and could care less what my father was to me or why he was around. To me he was just that authority figure always telling me what to do and how to do it. As I got older I finally told him to leave me alone. And he did. He stopped going to my games. He stopped giving me instructions. He stopped being "Dad". I have since moved away and have now become a Dad myself. Man I wish I could strangle that kid that said, "Dad just leave me alone". I realize now that he was the best thing that ever happened to me. I miss my Dad and wish i had those years back.

For this I think of the song by Cat Stevens, Father And Son. It is a true representation of a father and son relationship.

Here's a funnier take, courtesy of Jason Cowell:

This has to be the oddest of all. The song that reminds me of my Dad is also the first real song I can remember when I was about six was, believe it or not, "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. My brother got a brand new, high tech tape cassette player (the little silver and black recorders with the lever buttons) which was revolutionary at the time and one day my parents were having a party with their friends over and one of their friends had the soundtrack (cassette) for the number one movie out "Saturday Night Fever". next thing I know there are a bunch of old people dancing around my house to a what I know must have been an acoustic travesty. 30 years later I'm visiting my parents, we're in the car and "Stayin' Alive" comes on the radio. My Dad starts bobbing (he's 71) around and says: "Remember this song? We used to really 'jig it up' to his one." NEVER can I hear that song without thinking of my Dad.

Thank you so much to everyone that's taken the time to share. And don't forget, you still have a shade under 24 hours to share your story here.

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  • Sue Mosher

    My Dad was a plumber and also a talented musician, arranger and singer. His loved four-part harmony. We are came here from Wales where my Dad learned to play guitar from an American GI. My Dad would spend evenings with us playing guitar and singing a song for every letter of the alphabet or a song for every state. In the sixties, the English bands were a daily part of my life. My Dad taught me to love all kinds of music but I wasn't sure he'd like the Beatles. Many of my friends parents told them, "Turn that #@*/ off!" One day I was playing Rubber Soul and my Dad said, "That John Lennon is a genius." He loved Queen, Jimi, BeeGees. I'm thankful we shared our love of music. Whenever I hear "Girl" on Rubber Soul I think of my Dad. He passed away in 1991 but whenever I hear good harmony on a song I wish I could call up my Dad and say, "Hey Dad, you gotta hear this!"

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    Whenever I hear Tom Petty's Wildflowers I think of my pops. And yes, I am a grown woman and I still call him pops or poppa, I can't break it. My dad wasn't around much while we were growing up or at least it seems that way since my parents divorced when I was 7 and my dad played drums in his band almost every weekend. His band sounded a bit like the Heartbreakers and maybe that is partly why I have always been a fan. So when I got married last summer to the man I’ve loved for 11 years I only thought it was fitting to play Wildflowers. Not only did it pull on my memories, but it also spoke to my dad that it was time to let me go and to trust that I had found the love of my life. I will admit that I think my dad had his doubts, what dad wouldn't when his daughter has dated someone for so many years. So whenever I hear Wildflowers I see the years rush in front of me; from my dad dressing me in my Christmas dress with Chuck Taylors to requesting that I wear a dickie turtle neck under my prom dress to finally giving me away on my wedding day. It was a monumentous moment even if only my dad and I knew it....but I think the large smile with crocodile tears my sister had tells me she was in on it as well. Happy Father's Day Poppa! Here’s to you opening my ears to many great sounds and my eyes to Hitchcock:)
    You belong among the wildflowers...