Got Something to Say? Make the Most of Fast Company's Comments and Profiles

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Have you noticed the new comments appearing on Fast Company postings this week? If not, shame on you! An entirely new system has successfully swung into action, so to help you work it out, along with our new user profiles, read this:

The upgraded comments now support threading, and unlike our previous comments system it's moderated to keep the spammers and scammers at bay. That means you'll need to submit a comment and get approved by a moderator before joining in discussions and updating your profile.

A key part of the upgrade is your new profile page, a different and sleeker kettle of fish than the old one (and simple to fill in, if you're new to

Start by uploading a pic of yourself. It'll give your profile a personality, and your comments will stand out more in the discussions beneath each posting that you take part in. I've done it [Ed: Me, too!]

While filling in your profile page with data like a biography, you can also pop in a link to a Web site, which could be your social network fave like Twitter or Facebook, or a blog where your personal writings are transmitted to the Interwebs.

When you've finished popping in all your data, you'll see that your personal profile page shows all the activity that's gone on under your name on the site—and if you're looking at the profile page of a FastCompany writer, like me, Addy, Ariel, Cliff or Dan, then their posts will also appear in this list.

Supplementing this aggregation feature, you can even chose to follow the activities of your fave writer or commenter as an RSS feed to your RSS reader of choice. Just keep an eye open for the "subscribe to my feed" link at the top of a news feed.

Give it a whirl now, why don't you? And let us know how you think about it in the comments to this piece.

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  • NoahRobischon

    Just an update on the missing features:
    The problem with profile pics is being worked on by Disqus.
    The dev team here is busy mapping the old comments into the new profiles.
    Staffers and experts are also getting a badge on their profile photo, should be live here soon.

  • Jatika Manigault


    BabyBoomer here. I recently subscribed to FC print "to step up my game" and to try to become more tech savvy. (Trust me when I tell you, I am just two steps away from a rotary telephone and an 8-track tape .) Some of the articles scare me to death (IPAD!? IPAD!!? I just get my head around using a Blackberry!) however, every once in a while, I read something that clicks. There'll be an article about a small business owner in Bozeman, Montana who found a way to do something that helps me with my business as well. Before you know it, I'll find myself being pulled (sometimes kicking and screaming but pulled nonetheless) into the 21th century.

  • Darren Crawford

    This is great for building the community. Glad to see it. I need to build out my profile now.

  • tdemers

    I logged in and I tried to comment, but couldn't. I get this error:
    "There was an error with your submission. Please make sure you are actually logged in."

    Here is my original attempt at a comment:

    Are you kidding? Who wants one more profile to manage? Why not connect with Disqus, or any number of existing tools? I have a profile already, but still...

    I am glad to see the spammers will be gone from the comments. I got tired of most comments being spam.

  • Lynne d Johnson

    I'm digging it, but like someone said above, profile picture not loading here in the comments.

    The profiles, in and of themselves are definitely easier to edit and manage and more relevant.

    One issue though, beyond the profile photos...I see all my older posts, though not my comments. Is this commenting system a fresh start, or are old comments just not mapped to profiles yet?