Infographic: Android's Uptick in the Giant Shadow of Dumbphones

How fast is Google's mobile platform rising in popularity? And does it make a dent in the greater dumbphone world?

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Android made news recently when it surpassed the iPhone in marketshare. In the first quarter of 2010, Apple secured a 21% market share, Android surged to 28%, and RIM's BlackBerry held strong at 36%. But what, exactly, does that mean in the greater scheme of mobile phones?

Infographic by the team at

Some details.

Android handset sales are astonishing ...

... Until you examine them in the context of the number of dumbphones (those without data-gobbling web and app capabilities). For more on dumbphone dominance, click here.

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  • piro

    This is a great summary of market, but i am wondering about symbian os in the share. Is that part of other 4%? If so, that seems too small. Or is that excluded for some reason?