The Canned Lion Awards

As the ad industry debates plagiarism — and prepares to congratulate itself at this year's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival — we unveil our nominees for the most egregious copycat ads, parallel thinking, and poorly conceived homages. Go to to vote for your least favorites.

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  • Lynette Chiang

    The most valuable thing I learned in advertising was to apply the "Do I give a @#$%" test to ads. Translated to polite 'merican, that's "Do I care?" CEO's et al need to watch their ad pre-release at home wearing slippers and robe and eating a bowl of pistachios, slurping a beer, pretend they haul trash and lick envelopes for a living, and ask themselves, "Do I care?" If the answer is no, kill it before we murder you with the mute button of our remotes.

  • Chris Reich

    Vote? Each is too horrible to watch more than once. The GAP spot is probably the worse. Who really cares about this guy and his chickens? I don't.

    Chris Reich