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Microsoft's Deskerity Project Combines the Powers of Pen, Touch, Gesturing, Voice

Fast Company checks in at the Silicon Valley Tech Fair with video of Microsoft's answer to the iPad.

We have stylus-controlled tablets and touchscreen tablets, but what about tablet devices that use both? Microsoft's Manual Deskerity project combines the powers of the pen, touch, motion sensing, and voice input on a Microsoft Surface device to create a versatile system that has nearly limitless applications for designers, artists, and anyone else who values precision in their tablets.

The device, which was displayed at this week's Silicon Valley TechFair, offers a number of pen-and-touch combo features that aren't possible using just one or the other—stapling, straightedge, brush, stamp, and X-acto knife (hold a photo in place with your finger while cutting it with the "knife").

So is this an iPad killer? Probably not. Plenty of people don't need all the features that the Manual Deskerity project provides. But keep an eye on Microsoft—this could easily become a top-notch competitor.

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  • John Jones

    Brilliant! OK, Microsoft, let's get this out on some products that don't weigh as much as a bus and cost twice as much. :)

    I want one now!

  • Interns RainyDayMagazine

    Nice! Love seeing that someday we may actually get beyond just the keyboard/mouse/menu interface. Multi-touch on the iPad is great, and we have been posting our thoughts on the subject here:

    Being able to do it on a large surface with lots of compute power would be a whole new experience.