eBoy's Pixelated Design Genius Is Now an iPhone Game

The game is a jigsaw puzzle that lets you explore eBoy's art.

eboy london

Even if you don't know eBoy, I'm betting you know--and love--their work. For over 10 years, they've been creating massive, hyper-detailed illustrations (like the one above) which have a deliciously geeky pixelated style. But it's expensive to hire them, and they don't do anything interactive. Until now!

eBoy teamed up software developers Delicious Toys to create FixPix, a puzzle game for the iPhone. It's like a jigsaw puzzle, using multi-layered, 3-D versions of eBoy's work. To find pieces that fit together, you have to tilt your phone--thus rotating the image, and unveiling puzzle pieces that are hidden from view.

In so doing, you're exploring eBoy's works at a level of detail you ordinarily never can--and seeing nooks and crannies hidden in a 2-D, printed illustration.

You can play with a teaser here, and sign up for a notification once the app is available.

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