VW's First Ever Two-Wheeler Fits in Your Spare Tire Compartment

Volkswagen bike

Did you know that Volkswagen's "focus on mobility" extends beyond cars to two-wheelers? Neither did we until VW research and development chief Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg said so at this week's Auto China 2010 show. Hackenberg introduced the VW bik.e, a battery-powered two-wheeler that resembles a bicycle without the pedals.

According to Autobloggreen, the specs look pretty good: a 12.5 mile range (perfect for short trips around town, nothing more), a top speed of 12.5 mph, and most impressively, the bike can easily fold into a disc that fits in a car's spare tire compartment.

VW hasn't revealed when--or if--the concept bike will go on sale, but chances are good that it will be commercialized at some point soon. What do you think--would you ride around on such a tiny contraption? Video of the bike in action is below. Just skip past the part with the goofy undersea dancers.

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  • Michael Brown

    Yeah, skip the dancers.

    This is a nice concept. I'd definately use it to make occassional runs to the autoparts store - when I've got my car up on jack stands fixing something, but neglected picking up on thing or another before starting the work.

  • Kate Rade

    It would be cool if it came with the car along side the spare tire. It's like buying a VW and then an alternative eco friendly option to it :)
    I think customers will like that :)

  • William Barrell

    Great idea. Might use it when I can't pedal anymore.

    William Barrell

  • Michael Kusic

    Great idea! At least there's now a way to get to your destination when your VW breaks down.

  • Joey Duck

    very cool bike - and DON'T skip the undersea dancers, regardless of Fast Company's problem with dancers, why would FC be such haters?