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Fuseproject's Kid Glasses Are Customizable, Nearly Unbreakable, and Free [UPDATED]

See Better to Learn Better will improve education for hundreds of thousands of children.

This is actually the latest in Fuseproject's grand efforts a socially responsible design—previously, they designed the One Laptop Per Child in both its original and updated versions.

With reporting by Linda Tischler.

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  • AJ Cargo

    I agree with Aaron Finch!  Though I really don't mind that our country helps other countries, WHY can't the same happen in the USA? I'm a teacher, the only glasses available to kids who can't afford them are ugly BREAKABLE glasses.  Too many kids that really need glasses can't afford glasses that will last more than a week.

  • aaron finch

    I do not like this project what so ever. Why is it that once some other country as an issue some one from america has to jump into it and try and fix it. American kids could use free glasses just as much. I'm sorry mexican kids don't have a choice about the glasses they wear but they are still avaliable. I have a stigmatism and I still have to either wear glasses or contacts. Fix american problems before another ones please.

  • Paul

    This is a project between a contract design consultancy and the Mexican government why are you ranting about fixing American problems first? read the article before opening your hateful mouth.

  • Ajcargo7

     Sorry if I got it wrong with Arron - all I know is what I just heard on TV.  I guess it's our government that needs to recommendation.