Mac, iPhone, or iPad? Device Advice for Modern Adventures

 In a future full of iPads, iPhone OS 4, next-gen iPhones, and iPod Touches with cameras (plus whatever Gray Powell leaves at a German beer joint next week), a significant portion of your tech life will likely bear an Apple logo--and keep Steve Jobs in the finest stonewashed jeans regionally available. The question isn't, "Do you use Apple devices," but "Which one?" And "Where?" Here's a cut-out-and-keep cheat sheet.

Apple cheat sheet

Infographic by Column Five

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  • Josh Jeffryes

    Why the hell are two of the people not safety sign people? Someone forget to swap out the clip art?

    Design fail on account of laziness.

  • John Vasko

    Sorry to see that you missed out the iMac for home. I LOVE my big 21" screen.