Chevy's Volt Minivan to Electrify Beijing Auto Show Next Week

Chevy Volt minivan

After billions of dollars in losses, numerous production problems with the upcoming Chevrolet Volt PHEV, and the recent announcement that GM's director of global battery systems engineering is leaving, GM could stand to catch a break. That break is, of course, the Volt—a lithium-ion powered hybrid electric car that will cost somewhere around $32,500. And even though the Volt has yet to hit showroom floors (it is scheduled to arrive in November 2010), GM is already working on a next-generation Volt minivan.

Chevy Volt

Autocar UK reports that a Volt-based MPV will be unveiled at next week's Beijing auto show. Details are scant, but we do know that the minivan will use the Volt's Voltec powertrain, which features a 53 kW direct engine-mounted generator and a non-turbo four-cylinder 1.4-liter engine that runs on gasoline when electric battery power isn't available.

No word on a potential release date for the minivan, but we're guessing that any plans for the MPV will hinge on the success—or failure—of the Volt.

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  • Perry Kravec

    Ariel ... What company didn't have billions in losses? I've been following the VOLT for 3 years ... never heard about "production problems" ... all I've heard is how the VOLT project has been on schedule and VERY LITTLE PROBLEMS. The VOLT was not fast tracked like the Leaf and does have a battery temperature management system. The VOLT does not require a $2200 charger to put in your house .. unless you want to spend 20 hours charging to get 100 miles. And if you buy a CHEVY VOLT you will be getting the $7500 rebate just like we have been giving all the JAPANESE car makers for years which brings the VOLT to around $25,000.