Bolivia Slips Coke Back Into "Coca-Colla"


Any self-respecting Coke addict knows that the sugary soft drink once contained trace amounts of cocaine. Now Bolivia is putting coca leaves in a suspiciously similar-sounding fizzy drink: Coca-Colla. That's not a typo, the drink is named after the Colla people of Bolivia's highlands. A batch of half-liter 12,000 bottles was recently sold for $1.50 a pop in La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba, according to the UK Guardian.

In the past, Bolivia has tried to banish the coca leaf—a mild stimulant—from production. But now that coca grower Evo Morales is president, the government has changed its stance. Morales' administration backs the coca leaf for legitimate uses, including teas, liqueurs, toothpaste, and now Coca-Colla. At the same time, the government has booted drug enforcement officials out of the country.

If all goes well with Coca-Colla and the other coca products proliferating in Bolivia, the government might allow 20,000 hectares of land for coca growing—up from 12,000 hectares currently. The U.S. is, of course, worried that much of the coca will be used for cocaine. It very well might be. But coca has been used for centuries in medicine, religion, and cooking in South America. Is it really fair to enforce our drug laws on Andean culture?

Regardless of whether or not it's fair to crack down on Bolivian coca use, Coca-Cola probably isn't too happy about the potential copyright infringement here. We're still waiting on a comment from the beverage giant.

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  • Don Curtis

    once again the ignorant american masses have spoken.listen folks.I am a caucasian american male.and am married to a bolivian woman.first off the coca leaf may be one of themany ingrediants used to make cocaine.however.on it's is a leaf that grows naturally that if put into tea.has powerful healing agents ,naturally.and is better than any of the fda appoved so called western medicine in my country.I know this for a fact because when I was in bolivia,I had a fever of 104 degrees.had some coca tea.and was cured within 15 minutes.I would have been sick for three days had I took tylenol or benedryll or any of the millions of bad healthcare designed by the united see folks unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade.the united states government has been using the united nations to create a one world governmnet ,currency and religion.and is trying to depopulate the planet by 85 percent with bad helthcare,bad drugs and medicnnes and by poisoning the water and food supply,in america.and also forcing deadly innoculations and flu vaccines to harm the public.coca cola and just about every product in the united states uses high fructose corn syrup.a product that saves companies money by increasing the volume and yeild of products ,yet it causes obesity,and breaks down kidney and liver sodas and lite beers also have aspatamine which cause cancer as is the double whammy.get fat on soda.become unhealthy,and when you get diet soda to lose is a soft kill for you.I loved coke and was addicted to was literally harder for me to give that up than cigarettes.but I did it and have lost almost 20 lbs.and am much healthier for it.people should't be boycotting this drink.they should applaud it.and countries that don't trust the american government and large cororations like coca cola should be boycotting then.and are justified in doing so.the united nations is not fighting terrorism or for freedom.they are occupying countries for control and dicatatorship in a very un american ploy to control and depopulate the world.the terrorists are the world leaders who staged 911.and the main purpose of even obamacare is not chep or free healthcare.its for bad and unhealthy healtcare that harms you,lowers the population and seeks to jail those or fine those that don't want it.and that is the reason most people should be opposed to it.not because they don't agree becase of being republicans or whatever misguided reason.the american people while mostly sheep in a trance is not totally brain dead.and there are many increasing numbers of peopel waking up to these facts.and it encourages me because I know that soon there will bew a revolution in america.and the government will lose because they have grossley underrestimated our numbers and strength.and all you people in other countries should oppose bad or oppresive government,all american aid or is only a way to control your nation.stand against world governmnet and the UN thugs and boycott and outlaw all the worthless thug rich corporations like coca cola who have ruined america and our out to ruin you as well.welcome good products that are local and helathy like this one.and as far as the writer of this article.don't know what to say to you except ignorance is bliss and you are a sheep.

  • Cameron Couch

    Hopefully Coca-Colla takes a page out of Red Bull's book before looking at new markets:

    (from Wikipedia:)
    In April and June 2009, batches of "Red Bull Cola" drinks imported from Austria were found to contain between 0.1 - 0.3 micrograms of cocaine per litre, according to Hong Kong officials. In Taiwan it was found that the importer was due to launch a marketing campaign the next day. In Taiwan it is punishable by death, or a life sentence in prison to import cocaine. In Germany 11 out of 16 states had already banned the drinks by 25 May 2009.