Shepard Fairey Compares Banksy Conspirators to Obama Birthers

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I knew my theory that Bansky's new documentary was just another clever prank would have a few detractors. Little did I know that one of the protests would come from so close to the source: It wasn't but a few hours after I'd posted my story before Exit Through the Gift Shop's "co-director," renowned street artist Shepard Fairey emailed me himself:

Nice try on the conspiracy theory. It's kinda like Obama's birth announcement from Hawaii to conceal his Kenyan birth. The makeup artists did a great job making me look 10 years younger for the scene when I "allegedly" first met Thierry. Has it ever crossed your mind that Thierry is possibly the least self-aware person on the planet? Banksy and I had to endorse him because he was holding our video footage hostage...still is to a degree. The debate is a good one, but I wouldn't be so proud of your sloppy police work.

I never said the footage was faked—I have no doubt that Thierry Guetta spent years documenting street artists. But everything that the film says happens after Fairey introduces him to Banksy: bogus.

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  • Nikki Kourmouzis

    ? I thought that Banksy said Thierry left him with all the tapes and that he sent Thierry back to LA 'to pursue street art'. How was he keeping the video footage hostage? Maybe Fairey is Banksy...?

  • Kelhan Martin

    John, your comment is quite frightening. The fact that the content of this article has nothing to do with President Obama and that you go off on an ill-informed rant is quite shocking. Please go and post on radical right forums instead of posting here, a website not dedicated or focused on politics.

  • John LaTemple

    Yes, because we should all trust a President that has only kept one campaign promise, and that's going to do a wonderful job of destroying the American Middle-Class when the cost of healthcare hits everybody in a few years. We should trust a "liberal" President that has signed-off on extending the anti-Constitutional Patriot Act. We should trust a "black" President that is actually more than 90% Caucasian (which includes Arab). We should trust a President that worries more about bogeyman Al Qaeda "nuclear threats" than he does about protecting our borders from the waves of illegals that continue to stream across. We should trust a President that bows to every foreign representative as if he is a globalist lapdog. We should trust a President that believes Socialism is a better form of government than the Republic. We should trust a President that has big bankers all over his staff. Yes, I feel so safe. I trust him!

  • Kelhan Martin

    I'm sure he is raking in the dough with the hype and subsequent success of the new film and the selling of MBW's work so he has to say this...
    the evidence adds up to it being a complete joke