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Save the Hollywood Sign or Turn It Into a Hotel?

Remember a few months back when Los Angeles mounted a bizarre campaign to protect the land behind the Hollywood sign by temporarily draping the letters with messages like SALLYWOOD, SAVE THE POOD and eventually SAVE THE PEAK? Danish architect Christian Bay-Jorgensen thinks we should embrace development, and he's designed a hotel that will wrap around the iconic letters to prove it.

His concept to turn the sign into a hotel would require building new letters (perhaps the old ones could travel around the city, like this art concept by INABA and Darien Williams), which would be twice as tall as the current 45-foot characters. There's a pool overlooking the city, shopping, and entertainment, and a public walkway would also run directly underneath the letters. Although this is, of course, probably never going to happen, it does bring up interesting issues about L.A.'s most famous plot of real estate—like why isn't public access allowed? Maybe building some kind of viewing area would bring more people to enjoy the peak they'd like to save.

Oh, and about that $12.5 million the city was trying to raise by April 15 to buy the land from developers? They're still a little short, so neighbors have been holding bake sales to make up the deficit. Bake sales!


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  • Diana M

    The design concept is amazing! I would definitely recommend a structural engineer make a thorough assessment.

  • Gregory Ferenstein

    @jim, don't you think the design would have to pass safety standards?


  • Kristen Anderson

    "why isn't public access allowed?.." Um, becuase it's privately owned, hence, the campaign to purchase the land and add the acreage to Griffith Park for public use and enjoyment.

    And who makes fun of kids at bakes sales. Sheesh.