Infographic of the Day: The Entrepreneur's State of Mind in 2010

A survey of self-described entrepreneurs, and their outlook for 2010.

Recently, the blog Grasshopper conducted a survey, "The Entrepreneur State of Mind," and the results have now been summarized in an infographic by Jason Lankow of Column Five Media.

The picture it paints adds some demographics to a fairly amorphous set of people. As you'd expect, entrepreneurs are largely youngish, broke, hungry—and probably far more optimistic than your average bear. The weirdest thing was that 70% are male. Which sounds like a sampling error, but looking around at today's businesses, it does seem like almost all were started by men:

entrepreneur infographic

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  • Malcom Chakery

    Even small home based business can keep you from watching the kids grow up. You have to be sure to make time for your family intentionally. Great infographic for this article.

  • David Russell

    Good article. As an entrepreneur my main reason for starting my own business was to spend more time with my family. To many times in corporate America parents are driven to work way to many hours and never get to spend time watching their children grow up. That's why I started Red Spot Design. We are a web design and SEO company that can help other small businesses get started on the Internet.

  • Kenny Sturgeon

    I believe that he optimism and capability of entrepreneurs is what will bring our economy back to a state of prosperity.