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Twitter Redesign Sneak Peek: Tracks Time Spent Tweeting, Looks Apple-y

Twitter redesign

Ahead of next week's Chirp, Doug Bowman has given us a hint of what Twitter's forthcoming redesign might look like. The creative nabob of Twitter has posted a corner of the redesign up on his Dribble page, with the message "Working on what may end up a significant redesign. Not final yet. What we can show without giving away the farm."

Bowman, who has worked on Wired and was, until he took over from Biz Stone last year, the Visual Design Lead at Google, has given the site a much cleaner look than its current inception. There's more than a nod to Apple, with the cog wheel of Mac OS X making an appearance on the Actions button and rounded corners. I'm particularly fond of the old aerogram feel of the border pattern.

Most interesting, however, are the stats, which tell you how long you've been tweeting, and what your daily tweet average is. If that's not an incentive to get people posting more 140-character chunks, then what is?

Twitter has already started testing the redesign of its front page, which it showed off last week, but what most tweeters will be waiting for is the site's design for its mobile apps, as more and more users are using Twitter via their smartphones.

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  • Jeff Wilson

    I don't see that this glimpse or that home page does anything of value to be honest... what value is there in knowing how long I have tweeted or for others to know that? Or to have tabs along the top that are essentially useless?

    I mean there are other more major usability issues. Issues that when resolved should enable you to do much more from your home page than you are currently able. They need to think about improvements that actually add value to people and businesses.

  • Jason Murphy

    Cool, interested to see how this will change the twitter applications out there.

  • Alexander Hoffmann

    A redesign is needed IMO and this preview certainly gives me some hope. Looking forward to it.