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Infographic of the Day: The Seasonal Food Calendar

An easy-to-use chart for finding a low-carbon shopping list.

eat seasonably calendar

Eating vegetables in season makes sense, because the amount of energy used to get a blueberry from a neighboring state is a tiny fraction of one flown in from Chile. Local veggies will likely taste better, too. But grocery stores don't make it easy.

The solution is a food calender, and this is the most intuitive one we've seen. Granted, it's not that good looking, but the pinwheel shows what's in season by month; the outermost ring shows what's particularly delicious at that time:

eat seasonably calendar

On the left, there's a a chart showing the seasonality of each vegetable (the colors represent the season):

eat seasonably calendar

What's cooler is that at Eat Seasonably, you can download the poster, sized to three types of printer paper—or simply look at the online, interactive version.