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iPad Slays Tablet Competitors With Killer Apps

ipad apps

Over the weekend a huge number of leaked images gave away what some of the first tranche of iPad apps will look like. Guess what? Everything we guessed about how exciting iPad will be has just been proved true—this thing's apps will rock.

A few weeks back I wrote about one simple iPad app, and how it may indicate the Microsoft Courier-vanquishing powers of the iPad. The idea wasn't to upsell the prospects of the app concerned (PadNotes,) but to spark your imagination off with the sort of future advanced pieces of software that'll be available, and to illustrate that the misconception that the iPad is just an "oversized iPhone" is completely false.

Well, check out the slew of apps screenshots that turned up in a posting over at BoyGeniusReport. These app snapshots underline one thing: The iPad is going to be a transformational mobile computing device. Check out the life-organizer app Bento for starters (screenshot below.) Its iPad implementation looks gorgeous, pretty much how an iPad multitouch app should appear, and the clever syncing with a desktop installation of the full Bento code means it's extremely versatile.

ipad apps

Then peep at Omnigraffle—a full-featured graph drawing package that'll delight math and physics students planning to use the iPad to take notes during lectures. Its UI seems absolutely aligned with what one would imagine a multitouch-screened tablet PC would be capable of.

ipad apps

My personal fave from the list is Big Oven—a recipes and grocery-shopping app that makes perfect sense: Prop the iPad up in its stand in the kitchen, and use its large touchscreen to read your recipes from as you potter around in the kitchen...with some good cooking music playing from the iPod app at the same time.

ipad apps

These are just screenshots, of course, and the real proof of the pudding is in the eating—in this case, when we get our hands on these apps to try them out. They do act as an extremely promising indicator for the success of the iPad, though.

You'll probably see a few more app stories like this pop up during iPad week, because probably even more than for the iPhone, the killer feature of the iPad will be the vast library of existing apps and these new iPad-specific designs. The ready availability of the software and the seamless App Store experience Apple's cooked up will probably mean Apple steals huge chunks of the tablet marketplace before any serious competition arrives on sale. The App Store is the thing, it seems: It's a whole new industry, spawning many a copycat, and if Apple can wind its predicted iAd mobile ad system into it too, then it'll be a serious revenue stream for the company. Our only worry is that Apple needs to overhaul the Store sometime pretty soon, and in a more meaningful way than just slapping CoverFlow on there to aid app browsing—with all these hundreds of thousands of apps on sale, it's going to get tricky to find the content you really want.

[BGR] Head over to this link if you want to see the huge slew of other screenshots too.

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  • Michal Thomas

    @Steve Nice to know. I'm sure this app will a big hit. In fact, I just downloaded it for my wife's ipod touch. Thanks. Developers rock!!!

  • Steve Murch

    Thanks for the (first) mention of our app, BigOven 170,000+ Recipes and Grocery List. Michal - note that you don't have to carry the iPad to the grocery store. The BigOven app automatically syncs your grocery list with the web and your iPhone / Android device's copy of the BigOven app. Happy cooking!

  • Michal Thomas

    Very impressive. The app store is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Other tablets WILL find this hard to compete with. Having said that, I appreciated your improved balance instead of the outright bursting of my Courier bubble, Kit. I still don't see the iPad necessarily vanquishing the Courier(it's not here yet, remember?). However, Microsoft HAS to come out swinging.
    Deliver a smoother UI experience.
    Detailed customization is a must.
    Let developers do their thing! Developer apps are the lifeblood of ANY multimedia device imho, and need to be there.
    The apps made for the iPad will be sleek, no doubt about it. And Apple will happily take credit for everyone else's work. The iPad is just a larger showcase for the REAL stars of the show: yep, the developers!
    I personally don't think that any of the previewed apps are total game-changers, either tho.(who's gonna take their iPad to the store to check the shopping list?!? didja see that one? #10 @BGR)But, they do seem to be using all of their new iPad options to the fullest. That's good to see. This should be an exciting year for mobile computing, any way you slice it. It looks like the bar will be set on April 3rd.
    Btw, the iPad Case is another $39.00, the iPad Dock is $29.00. More $$$ to Apple before you just prop it up in the kitchen ;)