Infographic of the Day: Japan, the Strange Country [UPDATED]

A beautiful animation about the quirks of Japanese life and culture.


In a mere 12 minutes, this video about Japan covers everything from its strange cultural mores to its equally strange economy. Before you get hung up on the ugly caricatures of Japan people and exclaim racism, consider: The creator, Kenichi Tanaka, says, "By the way, please don't call me racist, because I am one of short, small eyes Japanese." Apparently, his motivation in creating the piece—which was his graduate thesis—was to show a Japanese audience how strange they are to foreigners. (This idea of "Foreign people think you're freaks"—with its implied blend of xenophobia and self-criticism—is a uniquely Japanese sentiment.)

UPDATE: Apparently the creator has gotten annoyed with the attention and being called a racist, and has purged the web of the English version. But if you still want to see the infographics, here's the original in Japanese:


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  • Ravi Sharma

    The part about the nuclear bombs is absurd; it's presented as if Japan did nothing to precipitate that! They refused to end a war they had clearly already lost, and were willing to risk the lives of millions more to prolong that losing fight.

    Not to mention the fact that they have a "No Military constitution" is not through any choice of their own. America REWROTE their constitution and specifically added the precepts that they were forbidden from having a standing military any longer. I just don't like how this little video seemingly misrepresents facts to somehow make the Japanese look like benefactors.

  • Rob Amp

    i think the purpose of the video is ridiculous but the content as actually interesting. facts and numbers are a good thing but it didn't make me think japan is strange in anyway.

    as a matter a fact, i wouldn't mind living there for awhile and experiencing it for myself.

    -Rob AMP