Blu E-Cigarettes' Fruit Flavors Now as American, Tasty as Apple Pie

Blu e-cigarettes

Blu, purveyors of e-cigarettes to non-Na'avi people, is teaming up with Johnson Creek to provide all its electronic cigarette e-liquids. Blu's alcopop-esque flavors of Cherry Crush, Vanilla, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, and Vivid Vanilla—oh, and let's not forget Classic tobacco for all you wannabe cowboys out there—are now to be manufactured in the U.S. Johnson Creek's own flavors, Original, and Red Oak, will be available for Blu from next month.

Although marketed as a device for quitting smoking, it seems that electronic cigarette manufacturers may be targeting the younger end of the market—indeed, hoary old Marlboro man aside, most of the "smokers" on Blu's Web site are more than youthful—don't expect to see Joey Tribbiani's agent, Estelle, on this. They're DJs, Martini drinkers, and what looks like students at an airport on their way to Spring Break.

At the beginning of this year, Jerry Brown, California's Attorney General, filed a suit against an online shop for e-smokers, claiming that they were failing to keep teenagers away from their site with an age verification system. But then, age verification systems can be circumnavigated, can't they?

Whatever the health repercussions may be—one harmful ingredient of e-cigarettes is anti-freeze, the manufacturers are steering a canny path through the controversy. Jason Healy, president of Blu, sees it thus: "We care about what our customers put in their bodies so it is imperative for us to work with the leading company whose product is 100% made in America and not in an unregulated Chinese factory like most, if not all, of the products in the market." Er, Jason, I think your PR people might want to have a word with you.

[Johnson Creek Smoke Juice]

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  • Jason Pitts

    e-cigarettes saved my life and the lives of countless others, if you read the forums dedicated to them you will understand. After 11 years as a smoker I am now down to vaping less than 1 cigarette worth of nicotine every 4 days. I was never able to make any progress on the patch, gum or medications, but these devices have allowed me to feel like a nonsmoker and slowly wing myself off. I am going to be putting up a website soon that documents the steps I took to get to where I am now and hopefully to show when I eventually quit nicotine altogether. I understand the criticism of the flavors; however, keep in mind that most of us want to get as far away from tobacco flavors as possible and the flavors being released are being requested by of age users, such as, me. If your interested in learning more, watch my blog for release of the e-cigarette website.

  • Michael Sheds

    Ideal cigarettes for chain smokers I guess. 100%, they will enjoy it! Michael Sheds hates cigarette. It makes him feels sick everytime he smells smoke from a cigarette.