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Courtesy Amanda M Hatfield

Quiz: Ad Agency or Indie Band?

Advertising creatives like to think of themselves as rock stars, but the trend of too-hip-for-the-room agency names has gone too far when they're indistinguishable from the folks who sing for kids sporting bushy beards and ironic T-shirts. Each item on our multiple-choice quiz has the names of three actual bands and one agency. See if you know which is which.

1) This Toronto-based agency successfully rebranded Frito-Lay's products to women by emphasizing simplicity and producing a series of popular, humorous Webisodes:

  •  A) Juniper Park
  •  B) White Rabbits
  •  C) Black Lips
  •  D) Ra Ra Riot

2) This interactive shop created MyWalmart, an in-house social network for the mega-retailer's employees to talk to one another and the company, quickly winning over 900,000 of the 1.4 million-strong workforce:

  •  A) Rockfish
  •  B) Big Business
  •  C) Apostle of Hustle
  •  D) Black Math Horseman

3) Which cutting-edge digital shop redesigned the user experience for the virtual world Second Life?

  •  A) Big Spaceship
  •  B) Six Finger Satellite
  •  C) The Mars Volta
  •  D) 7 Worlds Collide

4) Which group is working with Sony's content-licensing division on a top-secret innovation to be announced later this year?

  •  A) Unknownlab
  •  B) Spiral Stairs
  •  C) The Crayon Fields
  •  D) Sleepy Sun

5) Choose the Crispin Porter + Bogusky spin-off that touts itself as the "world's first creative ad agency built on crowdsourcing principles":

  •  A) Victors and Spoils
  •  B) Amadou & Mariam
  •  C) Florence and the Machine
  •  D) Noah and the Whale

6) Which group's front man vowed to make Pinky Vodka a household name?

  •  A) Ground Zero
  •  B) Zero 7
  •  C) City Center
  •  D) Volcano Suns

7) Which once highly touted supergroup announced that it's breaking up this spring?

  •  A) Toy
  •  B) Red Red Meat
  •  C) Client
  •  D) Gift of Gab

Courtesy Amanda M Hatfield

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  • Dave Cyra

    3-4 out of 7... not terrible. Although I wish I could see the actual answers. To be honest, it was mostly was a process of elimination with the ones that I knew were indie bands in ad agency questions. lol