Ad Dollars Go Digital

Remember that time you were all like, "Sure the Internet's cool, but no one's making money?" Psyche!

Spending for online advertising (up 18%) will outpace print ad spending for the first time ever, Outsell Inc. reports. While movies, TV, and radio spending dropped almost 4%, search engine pages were the biggest winners here, with a 39% increase in ad revenue. Google, in other words, is hiring.

Infographic: Rob Vargas

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  • Martin Wilson

    This diagram I believe is quite misleading when it comes to mobile. There are certain aspects of mobile which may well decline in 2010, but not that linked to marketing/advertising in mobile services (why are Google buying Admob for $750m ? not because is in decline). Mobile is likely to be one of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing (outstripping the growth of the fixed online environment seen in the past 10 years) and will likely contibute to the majority of growth defined as digital in 2010:

  • Venancio Batista-Pedro

    @vincent Thomas - it depends on how they define mobile. I know a lot of people are dropping text messaging as a marketing channel because of the regulations on it and the fact that it just doesn't deliver ROI. Beyond text messaging, smartphones are just small PCs, so maybe it's simply being covered in the digital ads category. The other thing is of course smartphone apps. A lot of big companies are doing that...but is that classed as wireless or digital?

  • Maccabee Montandon

    @Vincent Thome -- No, but that's what they are projected to drop in 2010 from 2009. Still sorta counter-intuitive, no?

  • Vincent Thome

    Did mobile and wireless really went down by 15.9% from 2009??? It seems pretty strange...