Doritos Mega-Chip Parody Comes in Apple Flavor


If you think that Doritos has gone down the same road that Cheetos did, with its supersized snack--the kind of thing you'd need to buy an extra seat for should you be popping one of these on a flight--you're wrong. They've just come up with a nifty little viral video that compares their triangular chips to an iPad, and the video includes a whole bunch of wide-eyed, evangelical Apple employee-alikes--particularly fetching is the faux-Limey Jon Ive look-alike in tight black T-shirt.

"The old-flavor model is obsolete, welcome to Spice 2.0," drones the Senior VP for Doritos Worldwide Marketing. Best bit, however, is the kicker at the end. A Doritos Genius, who's a dead ringer for Donnie Wahlberg, tells us we can make an appointment online to talk about the Doritos Tablet. "It'll be a couple of weeks from now, but it's still an appointment."

[Via TUAW]

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