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Google Ahead of the Curve With Above the Fold AdSense Beta

Google Adsense

Google announced yesterday that it's going to give advertisers more of a say in where they place their online ads. The new system, which debuted in Beta on Thursday, gives advertisers to place their ads "above the fold" on a Web page and exclude them from areas that are below or outside the browser frame. The system is statistically driven and "takes into account various user experiences and situations" such as the browser model is in use, monitor size and screen resolutions.

Despite the debate about whether being above the fold matters or not, advertisers still think that the top half of a Web is where it's at and are willing to pay a premium to appear there. This is especially true for big brand advertisers who want to raise awareness about a product, rather than attract clickthroughs or conversions—and it's the big marketing budgets that Google is going after here.

"We believe this feature will help attract new brand campaigns to AdSense sites, bringing more revenue to publishers over time," says Google. And more revenue to them, presumably.

[Inside AdSense Via paidContent]

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  • Brian King

    Obviously there are many resolutions available as well as many screen sizes although I do believe just as there are web standards from W3C there are common practices in terms of designing for particular browsers, screen sizes, resolutions, etc. The new Google ad positioning will be interesting to see how it works out - especially when people are trying to gain brand awareness or product awareness as opposed to focusing strictly on CTR's. Anyone using this beta? What are your thoughts?