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Amazing Video: Robotic Swarms That'll Infest Your Home Entertainment Center

What if display technology breaks up into little bits that morph depending on need?

<a href=Julia Yu Tsao" />

For her grad-thesis at the Art Center College of Design, Julia Yu Tsao created Curious Displays, a pretty amazing vision of what display technology might become, decades down the road.

Rather than a single screen, she envisions a swarm of autonomous blocks that occasionally join up to form a TV—but which can also disperse to highlight other information, such as what your schedule looks like, or even where your keys are. I can't wait for the future!!!

Julia Yu Tsao

We've actually covered Tsao's work before: Check out this stunning light show she designed for a live DJ performance by Nosaj Thing.

[Via Kitsune Noir]

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  • Luis Casstle

    It may look 'cool' but if you think about there is better technology available now. This might have seen futuristic in the late 80's, but not anymore with holographic and sixth sense technology available, and besides who would want little robots walking all over their house. They'd probably make money from all the broken ones that people would step on! If you want to see some real advanced tech look at this and this , these two alone will shape the future. You can't step on a hologram.

    Luis Casstle
    Brilliant Design Elements

  • Brian Carter

    30% useful, 70% annoying. Definitely would be cool if you could control it :-)