The Innovations of Microsoft’s New Research Building

Over the past two years Microsoft has been building a new building to house all of its Redmond, WA-based researchers. The researchers themselves helped design the building and Kevin Schofield, General Manager of Microsoft Research, gives us a tour. Along the tour you meet: 1. Martha Clarkson, workspace design manager, who helped design parts of the building. She gives us some insights into what makes it special. 2. Jennifer Chayes, managing director, Microsoft Research New England. She, along with Christian Borgs, deputy managing director, are building a new research group in New England and are using many of the same innovations in the new office in New England. 3. Phil Chou, principal research in the signal processing group, who shows how they are using a sound-proof room to study and build new devices like a conferencing camera. 4. Andy Wilson, researcher, who give us a look inside his lab. He’s the guy who created many of the technologies that you see in Microsoft’s Surface touch table system.

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