Switch Me! Light Switch Makes It Painful to Waste Energy

Switch Me!

How much do you really need to turn on the light above your head? Enough to get physically punished for it? French designer Josselin Zaigouche's Switch Me! light switch makes turning on the light a painful chore by equipping a standard switch with a mouse trap-like device.

Designboom explains:

'Switch me!' makes you think twice about whether or not you should turn on the light. it is a metaphoric symbol that helps you feel the pain of the planet, making you reconsider how you can contribute to a greener environment.

Switch Me!

So no, Zaigouche doesn't think that it's actually a good idea to outfit light switches with finger traps. But perhaps a switch or outlet that uses a less harsh method to discourage energy overuse—say, with an aesthetically pleasing energy monitor—could work just as well. A few of our favorites: Zerofootprint's smart TalkingPlug device, Conor Klein's outlet regulator, and Gilles Belley's glowing power strip. See? Saving the planet doesn't have to hurt.

[Via Designboom]

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  • Demian Machado

    Cute. Charming. Some Design me! feature will also help in the management of our design consumption.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    The mousetrap light switch is definitely one appoach to encouraging homeowners to reduce energy consumption! A less painful method is to gain access to real time information about your energy consumption.

    we know that consumers are becoming more interested and engaged in their electricity consumption. It’s a big budget line item and for a long time we have just accepted and paid it each and every month. We really see consumers getting much more interested in becoming more active in managing electricity consumption and taking steps to drive it down. $’s and cents are the primary motivator but there is also a great deal of satisfaction taken for doing the right thing and making a difference.

    What we know definitively is access to better information – real time information can make a huge difference in reducing electricity consumption. There are many academic, utility sponsored and manufacturer sponsored research studies and the general conclusion is just better information alone can reduce consumption by 5-15%. For a family spending $100 - $250 per month on electricity that’s a big deal. The aggregated potential impact from millions of homes reducing their consumption by 5-15% is huge for the economy and the environment.

    We have been in the business of real time electricity information since 2003 and it’s gratifying to see this momentum.

    There are proven energy monitoring options on the market today. For as little as $100 families can gain access to this real time information today and begin to take control of this important issue and important monthly budget item.

    We have more information to share at www.bluelineinnovations.com.