Calling All Oil Sheiks: Here's the $160 Million Floating Island of Your Dreams

With its 114-foot "beach," Wally's solar-powered megayacht is the billionaires' version of South Padre Island—just in time for Spring Break!

Wally Yacht

Wally—a company that makes stunning modern yachts—and the French fashion house Hermes have teamed up to design a new boat: The appropriately named WHY, a full-blown solar-powered island.

Just unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show (of course), the WHY is 190 feet long and a whopping 125 feet wide—making it a dream for any billionaire who can't find enough space off land for his phalanx of Cristal-swigging bikini babes. In all, the boat has the square footage of a mansion—some 34,000 square feet. As Wally's president, Luca Bassani Antivari, explained it to The Guardian:

Everybody's dream is to live on an island, in complete freedom, without constraint, with the independence that only self sufficiency can provide. A piece of land with a beautiful villa partly fulfils this aspiration because it is static. A yacht offers the freedom to move, but does not have the space of a property. WHY has it all.

Right you are! I'll take seven then, for each of the world's oceans.

The boat is meant to cater to 12 guests, with "master space", "guest space" and "common space." There's even an 82-foot pool and a 114-foot "beach" on the back. Supposedly, the massive fuel requirements of pushing the boat to a top speed of 14 knots will be offset by 9,700 square feet of photovoltaics on the roof. The $160 million pricetag is such a bargain.

[The Guardian via Space Invading]

Wally Yacht

Wally Yacht

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  • Frank Clark

    So futuristic.  Looks like the Jetson's.
    Could this be the housing of the future?

  • Jason Semales

    If I were to buy this, I would fly a pirate flag and steal from the poor to make myself richer... like a republican robin hood

  • Rach

    That's SO incredible... Hermes and a super yacht creamed into one? I could quite honestly pass out... 

    I did a piece on 3 of my personal fave super yachts (now i have a new fave - thanks!) but check it out here:

    Still confused if it's just a concept, or is it actually built?

  • matt marks

    really great design.  As absurd as it seems to many, I would not be surprised if concepts like these are reality in the next 20 years by the super rich.

  • The Daily Cocca

    If you had the money, you'd want this. I don't have the money and I want it. Except for the horrendous environmental impact that Yannig mentions.

  • Luke Snyder

    I'm not so sure I would want to be floating around the Ocean in this thing. Fair weather sure... But I wonder how well the stern of this ship would hold up in a storm. A little to much glass for my liking.

  • Xavier Togia

    Granted, the WHY is a visual and architectural splendor, but really?

    They have the money, just buy a damned island.

  • Yannig Roth

    Absolutely gorgeous design as i think... but let me just quote what I read about it in the last Northern American edition of Adbusters : "The Wally Power 118 [...] consumes 3,400 liters of fuel per hour at its top speed" (!!!)
    To put things into perspective, they say that "it would take a phalanx of over 200 Hummer H3 [...] to match the fuel-wasting power of a single Wally"

    BTW, could you insert a CAPTCHA Code or an equivalent technology to avoid this annoying spamming in the Recent Comments ? Thank you