TweetMyJobs Moves in on Job Boards' Territory


Watch out,, Twitter is becoming a job board.

Last year TweetMyJobs, an online job service, started connecting job seekers and employers by tweeting job openings. On Tuesday, the company announced that its services recently helped IHG, the world's largest hotel group, receive 18,000 highly targeted views of an available 1,000 positions.

"You hear someone's using TweetMyJobs, and you might think they're just hiring bellhops," says TweetMyJobs founder Gary Zukowski, "but they hired their director of finance through this service. It's a very untapped market, and we're actively trying to engage as many companies as possible."

TweetMyJobs operates 8,520 targeted job channels based on location and skill set—if you're looking for a sales job in Boston, there's a specific channel for that. Those channels, plus affordability, have contributed to tremendous growth within the company, which was working with just 200 companies and tweeting 140,000 openings this past June, is now working with 6,000 companies, tweeting 1.2 million openings a month. A subscription starts at $4,000 per year, and allows companies to post any and all jobs. Smaller companies can post openings for $2 a day, or $20 for 30 days. Compare that to Monster's 30 and 60-day rates of $210 to $395, and Careerbuilder's $419 fee for one job post, and it's easy to understand the appeal.

Forbes recently reported that companies just can't afford expensive job posts, listing social media as one of the alternatives. "Only 30% of corporate job openings typically make it to the job board—70% don't because companies can't afford to send them all," says Zukowski. "We can post 100% for a nominal charge."

Job seekers, who can follow the channels for free, can have appropriate openings sent directly to their mobile phones. TweetMyJobs is also developing tailored apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Droid, and plans to start geotagging all tweets.

"That kind of instant access," Zukowski says, "can be the difference between getting an interview or not."

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  • stevel61

    There is another Job Posting engine on the block called Googlyfish, but unlike Tweetmyjobs that posts your jobs, predominantly through Twitter , it posts to 50+ Social Networks, Blogs and Aggregators, Including Facebook, Linkedin, Indeed, SimplyHired Job Rapido etc etc.
    Price is only $4.99 per job post or $29.99 per month unlimited job posting. And the really cool thing is you can add your own social networks in the their employer dashboard and your jobs will get automatically posted there too. Massive and rapid exposure for such a small cost. Free Trial available

    Based in London they have sites in the US and India too,


  • Sam Ans

    This is indeed a cheaper model to work on.. LinkedIn is charging some USD300 for a job to be displayed for 30days.. Lets us not go far, this site FastCompany is charging USD99 for a job post/30days.. Their indeed is a lot of room for free job portal to come into existence and look for some alternate revenue model.. May be advertisement or something on the lines of SaaS.. Lets c..

  • Janet Swaysland

    We tweet jobs, too. That’s the easy part. What’s hard is the match. Finding the very best candidate from the largest number of relevant, qualified possibilities. And doing that over and over again. So publicize your jobs every way you can. Surface candidates wherever they hang out. But then make sense of who really matters, sort out who is the real deal based on skills and experience, filter who is going to help your company grow, who is the best match. Scale and precision are the new dynamic duo in recruiting, now and especially as the economy recovers and competition for talent increases. Check out Monster’s new patented 6Sense semantic search technology. There’s nothing else like it. Think job matching engine, not just job feeds. Janet Swaysland, Monster Worldwide

  • Steven Rothberg

    There's a financial analysis at which compares the results obtained by TweetMyJOBS to results which would likely have been obtained by general and niche job boards. Not surprisingly, TweetMyJOBS comes out smelling like roses.