Eye Candy: OK Go's Insane Rube Goldberg Machine

You'll just have to watch the new OK Go to appreciate its geeky awesomeness. But a little bit of background: The video, directed by James Frost, began with a sketch dreamed up the band. Then, they put it to Mindshare/Synnlabs, a collective of engineers and geeks that consults on ambitious art projects, to pull it off:

Of course, the OK Go video isn't the first mind-blowing machine of this sort. Most famously, there was this commercial for Honda, by Wieden & Kennedy:

Which in turn was an infamous rip-off of a masterpiece by Swiss artists Fischli Weiss:

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  • Bcatz88

    I think the Honda commercial would have been much more impressive if it wasn't computer animated.

  • The Hairy Caber

    Way to show your ignorance of physics *walks off shaking head, at the people allowed unsupervised internet access*

  • PaleBlue

     It has to be, the part where the tires roll uphill are a dead giveaway, but it just looks CG.

  • Jordan Ketterer

    I beleive that they used weigheted tires to do that pretty easily actually. Like weight at the top, as soon as it goes past its tipping point that weight wants to fall but then the round tire "catches" that weight and transfers the engery from the fall into the forward motion.....then stops there the weights is and kind of slides .....and it is not "unedidied" for sure, they do a lot of editing and make sure the lighting and some effects and what not but i can believe that is uncut

  • Fred

     lol dude. they did over 2000 takes to make sure that the one that they published was unedited..................

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  • Jen

    I wish you were here to understand I'm not completely looney... really start one before the other, using subject a and D with subjects imbetween.

  • Andy Mac

    Hi Jen
    I think that the quietness and low key aspect of the last video is a part of its charm. It adds to the anticipation as you wait to see what happens next. It did not need sound effects as the sound of the flames and the fuses were enough. imho

  • Jen

    I love it! Especially when I try to combine all the videos into one. Sah-wheat!
    The last one is SO quietly obtrusive. I think you need to pick the experiment and then go with the music video as back up. Is it better if I show you... #1?....or number 2? Sorry, just something I realized with the drab video with hardly any sound effects.