Fuel-Cell Powered BMW Bike Concept Revealed

BMW Hydrogen motorcycle

It's fuel cell madness! First Bloom Energy revealed its much-hyped fuel cell-powered Bloom Energy Server earlier this week, and now a group of design students from the ISD of Valenciennes in France have unveiled a slick concept BMW motorcycle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The bike doesn't physically exist yet, but the students imagine that a lithium polymer battery will store electrical energy, while hydrogen can be stored in a 20 liter cryogenic tank where the engine would normally sit. A 100 kilowatt motor provides propulsion.

The bike may only be a concept, but fuel cell-powered vehicles are poised to explode in popularity. Fuel cell vehicle research is expected to be a $4 billion industry this year, and 670,000 fuel cell light vehicles will be sold each year by 2020. In the meantime, check out the BMW motorcycle video below.

[Via Autoblog]

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  • Laurent Masson

    OK, there's a BMW badge, but I don't think this was endorsed by BMW. It's a pure design excercise of a zero CO2 clean motorbike.

    I believe the concept is built around a hydrogen fuel cell, since a methane fuel cell doesn't make much sense. And cryogenic tanks are typical of hydrogen, even if you also need one for liquid natural gas.

    The electric motor looks a bit small, it would have to be larger if it were to make 100 kW.

    BMW is mostly known for its combustion engines converted to hydrogen, I wonder if we will ever see a BMW with a fuel cell.


  • Ariel Schwartz

    @neru I know the Bloom Box isn't a hydrogen fuel cell...I never said it was.

  • neru mycroft

    OMG, you are such a bad journalist. If you had even taken five minutes to read what the Bloom Box is you would know that it IS NOT a HYDROGEN FUEL CELL it is a METHANE FUEL CELL. It's this kind of pathetic, lazy, sloppy reporting that gives web writers a bad name. Shame on you.