Hipstamatic iPhone App to Spawn a Million Terry Richardsons


Keen iPhone snappers amongst you who hanker after analog pics might be interested in this cute little $1.99 app. The basic Hipstamatic package includes three lenses and a trio of films, all with a standard flash, and enables you to shoot Virgin Suicides-inspired shots and then upload your now beautifully retro pictures straight onto Facebook.

You can buy additional Hipstapaks—the Williamsburg, Portland, and Shubuya—for 99¢ each. The only downside is that you can't use the existing iPhone camera and then use the Hipstamatic to alter your pics.

[Via SwissMiss]

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  • Christopher Mims

    I've tried them both, and Hipstamatic is inferior to the much easier to use app Toy Camera. In fact, everything that's hipster about the hipstamatic is precisely what makes it soo irritating to use - all the over-designed interface elements mean too many clicks are required to take and view pictures. And if you want to go past the handful it comes with, extras will cost you as much as your average iphone app.