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Anatomy of Inspiration: Louis Vuitton's Concept Handbags Steal from Prada's Architecture

Why didn't Prada think of this?

These concept designs for Louis Vuitton, created by Dzmitry Samal, are both hypercool and hypermodern, and "inspired by architecture:"

Dzmitry Samal

Dzmitry Samal

But wait a second! Any fan of architecture and design will recognize that the strappy motif actually appeared previously in Herzog & de Meuron's Bird's Nest stadium for the Beijing Olympics—-and, even earlier, in this stunning flagship store for Prada in Tokyo:


The similarities are hard to ignore, right? Which makes you wonder two things: How pissed would Prada be if those LV handbags went into production? And why didn't Prada recognize that in commissioning such a showpiece showroom, they actually created not just floor space, but an amazing branding statement that they could have played out in lucrative accessories?

Which also makes you think: Next time a fashion house hires a starchitect, a smart requirement would be the building be so iconic that it can be translated into leather and plastic. After all, good architecture works at any scale—even tiny.

[Via DesignBoom]

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