Infographic of the Day: What Health Supplements Are B.S.?

The scientific consensus on everything from vitamin C to ginko biloba.

We're drowning in neutraceuticals, which are unregulated and often make ridiculous health claims--which is probably the key reason why they've become a $23 billion industry.

Which ones actually work? This interactive infographic by the tireless David McCandless lays it all out. Here's a screen-cap of just the top of the chart:

health supplements

The bubbles show a given supplement, and the health benefit in confers. The higher the bubble on the chart, the more evidence there is for its effectiveness. Some supplements appear more than once--for example, omega 3--because they might have multiple effects. And each of those has varying amounts of scientific back-up.

See the full-size still image here, and the interactive version here.

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