The Hummer Is Officially Dead; Let the EV Revolution Commence


It's official: GM is shutting down its Hummer brand, marking the end of an era for gas-guzzling SUV lovers everywhere. The company made the decision to shut down the brand when a $150 million deal to sell it to Chinese manufacturer Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines fell through.

Unsurprisingly, environmental concerns factored into the decision. The potential buyer couldn't get approval from the Chinese government, which has recently decided to place a priority on saving the environment and cutting down on imported oil. At the same time, both Chinese and Western banks refused to lend money to Tengzhong, presumably because of concerns that the brand wouldn't perform well.

Does this mean that auto makers will consider shutting down other SUV brands? Probably not. Hummer isn't the only GM brand to be shut down in recent months. Saturn is in the midst of shuttering its operations, and Saab was recently sold to Dutch manufacturer Spyker Cars.

The Hummer was a victim of high oil prices, but drivers have short memories—a drop in prices at the pump could easily lead to a surge in SUV sales. Car companies realize that oil prices will remain volatile for the foreseeable future, however, which is why so many of them have recently invested in hybrids (including hybrid SUVs). So instead of taking the Hummer news as an indication that our SUV days are behind us, let's use it to fuel our determination for an age of clean, electric-powered cars—both large and small.

[Via The New York Times]

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  • Michael Brown

    Why do people insist on perpetrating the bold-faced lie that Hummers, SUVs and pick-up truck are unpopular? The reason the Hummer brand lasted 15 years, the reason the SUV segment has been so resilient, the reason that 85% of Texans drive full-sized pick-ups (even through economic recession) is because American consumers WANT them and BUY them. No amount of green-washing buy the "the sky is falling" crowd will change that.

    Contrary to popular belief, no-one will be "giving" them away 5 years from now. They will have cult status due to their rarity. Just like most classics from the '50s and '60s do now - which ALL, by the way, have worse mileage than any Hummer.

  • Nicolas Costa

    Oh my god, they should make a green-hummer or something. This is one of my dream-cars!!! How are we gonna live without its design hitting the roads?

  • Todd Singleton

    Good riddance. That was an unnecessary 15 year experiment originally championed by the Terminator himself.

    Current owners won't be able to give these things away in 5 years.