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Would You Live in an Abandoned Mental Hospital?


Timed perfectly with the release of Shutter Island, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture plans to turn one of Sweden's old, ugly mental hospitals into a sustainable apartment complex. Dubbed Parkour, it offers a sense of community to residents.

The architecture firm explains:

In Sweden today, people are dying of loneliness. As traditional social ties [are] being eliminated, there is sometimes no substitute. We propose a housing with a new type of neighboring community that is based on voluntary participation and adds value.

That means reconstructing the hospital into a series of apartments for families and singles. Common areas (spa, lounge, pool, gym, theater) will run throughout the building, which will also feature solar panels, small wind turbines, a rainwater reuse system, and a rooftop garden. It sounds like a promising project, but the architecture firm has a mammoth task ahead in proving that it can turn a 10,000 square meter "old mental hospital with bad reputation and vast monotone facades" into something attractive.


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  • Irene Turner

    Actually I think this idea is great on all fronts. As an interior and exterior space designer who works with Energetics of Space™, it is clear to me that the re-use of this space is a great service. In an era of re-use, re-cycle, it's better then tearing it down...A thoughtful and beautiful design and use of the space will uplift all who live there...and community is a key trend as we move further into the 21st century. It's quantum physics that says while energy will never go away, it can be transformed. And this project sounds like a great way to transform what was once a "bad & negative" place into something truly inspiring. Good job!
    Irene Turner
    Irene Turner at Home

  • Ariel Schwartz

    @Addy Ha! Actually, my apartment building does sort of look like the hotel in the "The Shining"...