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3-D Printed Pottery Would Have Given Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore Brutal Paper Cuts

The Belgian studio Unfold pioneers 3-D printed ceramics.

Printed Ceramics

Ceramics have had a renaissance lately—there's Spanish surrealist designer Jaime Hayon's work for the venerable porcelain manufacturer Lladró, Atelier NL's gorgeous locally-sourced Drawn From Clay series, or Vienna's 250-year-old Augarten porcelain factory partnering with new-school designers like Marei Wollersberger.

As funky as those projects look, they're all made with traditional methods. Today's ceramics might look cool, but the techniques haven't changed much in a few hundred years. But just as it has...uh...revolutionized footwear, 3-D printing has saved ceramics.

Printed Ceramics

The folks at the Belgian design studio Unfold just announced they've successfully printed a ceramic bowl with a home-grown 3-D printer. What's cool about this is that the bowl they made—double-walled with supporting ridges inside—would've been near impossible to make the old-fashioned way but was a piece of cake to print. Hold onto your good China, grandma—the future is now.

[Via boing boing]

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