Dimitri Medvedev Rocks Biggest Portable This Side of Gordon Gekko's Cell Phone

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When it comes to laptops, Dimitri Medvedev doesn't exactly go for portability. The Russian president favors the Tandberg Tactical MXP, a beefy monster that boasts over thirteen types of embedded encryption, and is mainly used for videoconferencing over an ISDN line. Roughly translated, said line has built-in miniature Russian nano ninja bots that are trained in mano-a-mano combat against cyber attacks and nosy buggers, so that the leader of the Slightly-Freer-Than-It-Used-To-Be* World can enjoy Chat Roulette in the privacy of his own bunker.

Although the MXP costs $16,000, those kindly souls at Tandberg have thrown in the carrying case for free. And the wheels that you need to transport it. And the handle. There's also space for a spare pair of socks and tighty whities, should Dimitri get bogged down overnight in Chechnya. Medvedev—try typing that when you're sober—also rocks a MacBook Pro, perfect for when he's hanging out in the Twirling Tassels bar, situated close to his dacha in Dagomys. Seventeen inches, natch.

*But that's not saying much, is it?

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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