Infographic of the Day: Twitter's Explosive Growth, Behind the Scenes

A mesmerizing look at the programming that's gone into creating Twitter.


Setting up Twitter was just a matter of building the thing and then watching it explode, right? Not even close: To make sure the operation can handle an exponentially growing user base, the code has to constantly revised and improved.

To illustrate that, Ben Sandofsky, an engineer at Twitter, ran the site's code through Code Swarm, a data viz program that tracks programming changes (a little bit like tracking redline changes in a Word doc). The icons show the developers, and the swarming dots show the code their working on:


[Via Kottke]

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  • Aly-Khan Satchu

    #Twitter is Plain Revolutionary Platform and has flattened the World into a Pancake. I particularly admire the Democratic Ethos which has allowed Multiverses to develop around the Twitterverse. I suppose the Ultimate Compliment is the recent spawning of Buzz The Mini Me Twitter. I remain of the View that it is in a Hyper Growth Curve and that Most Analysts simply fail to understand how far this Parabolic Curve will Inflect. The Lack of Algorithmic Organisation is another Strength because it remains true to its Organic Roots. This is a Platform for Everyone and part of the Fun is in drowning out the Noise and picking Your Spots yourself.

    It is very multi Faceted and very disjunctive especially for the Ivory Tower Media Brigade who seem to chafe daily at its very existence.

    Aly-Khan Satchu