Swirl Turns Washing Clothes Into a Game


Remember the energy-generating SOccket soccer ball we wrote about last week? Turns out other designers have similar ideas kicking around in their heads. The "Swirl", a concept washing machine from Germany's designaffairs Studio, is a soccer ball-like device that cleans clothes during play.


Using the device is easy: just stick clothes inside the ball, lock the lid, fill it up with water and let kids play with it to wash and scrub the clothes inside. The device can also double as a water transport system (kick the water in a ball instead of lugging it on your back) and a laundry basket. Designaffairs thinks the ball will somehow enhance the social/cultural relationship between women and children, but hey, it also looks like it could be way more entertaining than going to the laundromat every week.

[Via Inhabitots]

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